APEX Recruiting
APEX is looking for new members to fill a number of positions such as Academy and Division leadership! Join the discord to inquire!

Our mining division is renowned for having an outstanding team of highly skilled miners who boast exceptional expertise in locating the exact resources that are required. We operate an exceptional fleet of MOLEs, Prospectors, Arrastras, ROC/ROC-DS, and our division is further supported by a state-of-the-art refinery ship, such as the Expanse or Galaxy, which is equipped with an advanced Refinery Module.

The Salvage Division is an integral component of our operations, expertly managed by our team of highly efficient Salvage Processing Operators across the universe. With advanced technology at our disposal, we utilize top-of-the-line Reclaimers and Vultures in conjunction with our trusted partners in the Logistics Division to ensure flawless transportation and retrieval of all salvage materials.

The Logistics Division, often overlooked in many organizations, remains crucial to APEX Resource Industries. It is a great honor to be a member of the Logistics Division. The division’s sole directive is to transport materials from one location to another, utilizing vessels ranging from a Hull A to Hull C. Logistics Division works closely alongside the Salvage Division to transport freshly processed salvage material to storage locations throughout the verse and to construction sites in the future.

The Support Division is a vital department consisting of highly skilled Fuelers and Repairmen who operate a range of vessels such as the Starfarer, Vulcan, and Crucible. These professionals work tirelessly to maintain fleet readiness by ensuring prompt fuel delivery and efficient repairs as needed. Whether the fleet is engaged in intense combat or routine operations, the Support Division remains poised to provide the requisite support and expertise to ensure smooth operations at all times.

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