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APEX Resource Industries
Salvage Mining Cargo Services

“Building Tomorrow, Salvaging Today, Mining the Future: Your Vision, Our Expertise.”

Upcoming Services

APEX Resource Industries will provide all of your industrial service needs.  

What Sets APEX apart from other Industrial Orgs?

APEX Resource Industries stands out from its counterparts due to its cutting-edge technology, the provision of exceptional in-game services, and the implementation of a unique service request system, positioning the organization as a leader in the industry.

The Astral Ascendency

At APEX Resource Industries, we believe in building strong partnerships that benefit our members. We have teamed up with some of the best organizations in the verse to provide you with an extensive range of gameplay options. Our list of partners includes Darksaber Enterprises, Discordia Spacer Union, and Shadow Nation Rescue. We take pride in our partnerships and the added value they bring to our members!

Join Our Team and Help Us Succeed

At APEX Resource Industries, we believe that our success comes from the quality of our team. We are always looking for fresh talent and dedicated professionals to join us in achieving our goals and providing top-notch services to the citizen of the verse. Whether you are an experienced pilot or just starting your journey in the universe, we welcome you to apply and become part of our family.